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Autumn is Coming....
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Holiday Sales

Autumn is Coming....

Hello Friends,

September is almost over, and time to get ready for the Homecoming Dances, we are here to help you for your corsages, and other floral needs.  October is a wonderful month to decorate your home in  FALL Colors, even though we live in Florida, we can still decorate at home with Autumn colors and bring the sense of changing leaves into our home.  Either with Fresh Flowers or Silk which will last throughout the season and even on to next year.  Stop by and talk to our resident Floral Designers for some great products that can be made exclusively for you.

Holiday Update

Happy Holidays!!!   We wish you all a great holiday and want to let you know, we have some unique gift ideas.   We have a Christmas Tree made of ornaments and it is sport themed.  This one of a kind Christmas Tree stands a little over 24 inches high by 24 inches wide, it is colorful and truly a unique and wonderful gift idea.  Selling for $18.00 plus tax.
We have glass ornaments selling for a package of 12 ornaments for $2.50.
Unique Ceramic Art Pieces starting at $35.
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